Who is Lori Jo?

I have lived in the South for most of my life.  After growing up in Naples, Florida, my career brought me to Atlanta, Georgia in 1983 (I was actually born in London, England due to my dad’s military service with the U. S. Air Force).  Moving to Atlanta was my “Mary Tyler Moore moment”, career girl in the big city!  I met my husband in February of 1988 while on the dance floor with friends; we were married in April of 1989 – loved the ‘80s music and lots of dancing!  We eventually settled into a suburb of Atlanta known as Peachtree City, Georgia, where we raised our two daughters from 1999 through their adulthood.  It is a quaint, eco-wise golf cart community with a top-rated school system.  I chose to raise my daughters full-time which was a joy, but I have always missed my career.  Flexible, creative home businesses have filled my need to remain current and provide a supplemental income.

I do believe that age is just a number, but I can tell you that 50-something has been an ongoing reinvention period for me for a while now.  Major life moments and seasons of change have happened during this stage of life over the past few years.  Many women are where I am right now and I want to share my style and interests with you.  It is time for you, give yourself permission to be YOU!

I want to make the most of each day and try to be positive, energetic, current, and creative.  I enjoy DIY projects, reading, walking, cooking, growing a few things in my little raised bed kitchen garden, and nostalgic things like an old classic movie every now and then.

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My Flair! 

I want to share my flair with you!  I call my style “classic with a twist and flair”.  I have always been a bargain shopper and am not name brand focused, BUT put those brands on clearance and I am all over it.  If it is budget-friendly, comfortable, and a quality item, that is what attracts me.  It makes me feel good to wear a flattering, up-to-date look without breaking the bank.

You can take a peek at some of my most recent  My Flair posts here to see my style.  

I choose basic pieces to mix and match colors with added accessories for an extra pop of sparkle.  I am “short” at 5’1”, so I tend to choose solids, mid-size muted prints, and current styles that are not too trendy or overpowering that are also proportioned to my height and size.  “Age appropriate” is becoming an outdated term, so I like to say “timeless and flattering”, which is an individual thing, but I am very honest with myself – too tight, too short, and too much skin is not good on anyone.  Large geometric prints and too baggy or flowy can make you look bigger than you actually are.  Cut, fit, and proportion are everything for a flattering style.   And, other than a vest or very basic piece, I have resigned myself to the fact that the junior department does not work, even though it might look good on that display!

Everyone has their own style, we are all different shapes and sizes, but getting stuck in a rut or past era becomes boring, I have been there.  You have nothing to lose by trying on a variety of styles and colors that may be outside of your comfort zone in the store’s dressing room, we have so many choices today, go for it!  A  few simple updates now and then can make an amazing difference, comfortable and stylish at the same time is my goal.  It is refreshing to wear a new color, update a few accessories, try an updated hairstyle or just a new shampoo or lipstick – One little thing can make a positive difference, I am easily pleased!

Blogging with Flair, Let’s Have Fun! 

I hope you will enjoy my posts about style and beauty, as well as my life which will often be injected with a hearty dose of humor, I love to laugh!  My mother always said, “kick up your heals and enjoy every day, this merry-go-round only turns once, jump on or you’ll fall off!”  I will also mention my sweet, quiet husband from time to time, his name is Tim.  I may also refer to him as Honey, Big Tim, or Big T; it is all the same guy who has put up with me for all of these years!  (Lindsay and Sara are our daughters)

Blog Disclosure & Compensation

I have purchased everything you see, and I also make some of the jewelry shown that will be for purchase in my Etsy shop very soon.  If affiliates send me items for review and promotion, that will be clearly stated for each item.  I will only promote quality products that I enjoy and that tie in well with my personal and blog branded style.  Sponsored and affiliate links help me pay for my blog via small commission compensations that companies pay to me when you click and purchase items through the highlighted links throughout my blog; you are under no obligation for purchases and nothing extra is EVER added to the purchase, many times there will actually be a discount code offered, I just have to disclose this.  (“50 With Flair” is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com)

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