Due to the recent COVID-19 virus outbreak, Spring events and Easter gatherings are cancelled,  churches and places of worship will be closed for Easter, Passover, etc.  But, the seasons and spirit are not cancelled, let’s spread some comfort!

A Special Gift, Bunny Slippers

No matter how old you are, Spring and Easter are joyful occasions that remind us of bunnies!  During this time, we can still feel happiness – treat yourself kindly and also reach out to surprise others with a little bit of comfort at this time.  It does not have to be anything big.  It is amazing how much comfort something warm and fuzzy can bring, physically as well as mentally, rolling our memories and feelings back to when we felt safe and hugged as innocent youngsters.

bunny slippers, fuzzy slippers, memory foam slippers// Indoor & Outdoor Plush Sponge Bunny Slippers //

I recently surprised a friend with this pair of bunny slippers for her March birthday, shipping them directly to her via Amazon.  They are adorable!  So, I immediately had to purchase a pair for myself, LOL!  Hard plank flooring is extra hard under your feet once you start aging and losing the plump padding on the bottoms of your feet.  I have tried many styles of  house slippers, but these are truly the best, well-made and extremely plush/padded with rubber soles for indoor or outdoor!  

bunny slippers, fuzzy slippers, memory foam slippers// Indoor & Outdoor Plush Sponge Bunny Slippers //

Bunny Slippers Details

The Bunny Slippers’ special design absorbs moisture quickly, plus cozy 80D memory foam provides plush support and comfort for walking – you will feel the ergonomic pillow under your feet.  The thick sponge insole absorbs impact and reduces foot fatigue, allowing you to really relax when sliding on these fun and furry companions.  The anti-slip, waterproof, hard rubber sole is a great choice for indoor and outdoor wear. 

bunny slippers, fuzzy slippers, memory foam slippers

// Indoor & Outdoor Plush Sponge Bunny Slippers //

Available in three 3 colors:  Pink – White – Khaki/Tan – Choose from multiple sizes – the drop-down menu on the Amazon listing allows you to choose your size, then just click the picture of your color choice below that menu.  ( Women Size 6-7/Kids Size 4-5) – (Women Size 8-9/Men Size 7-8) – (Women Size 10-11/Men Size 9-10). These cute bunny slippers should fit standard sizes, if you are a half size, order up one size.  They are roomy enough to accommodate any foot width.  

// Indoor & Outdoor Plush Sponge Bunny Slippers //

// Indoor & Outdoor Plush Sponge Bunny Slippers //

bunny slippers, fuzzy slippers, memory foam slippers
bunny slippers, fuzzy slippers, memory foam slippers

Enjoy Your Bunny Slippers!

I bet you can’t get a pair for yourself without sharing a few pairs with friends.  After all, Bunnies do multiply!  Enjoy the fuzzy fun!

** May God Bless America and our World **

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    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hey, girl! What an emotional time for all of us, I do have mood swings which is not like me at all, ugh! These sweet slippers feel so good and give me not only comfort for me feet, but also inner comfort, like a warm soft hug. We are enjoying our new smaller home despite the quarantine and working on DIY projects to stay busy and productive, but there is that extra layer of stress on everything, just knowing that this is a scary, tedious time to even leave the house. We love walking around 5 miles each day, so that does help. I am trying to not get too rusty with coming back to posting, so am working out a soft schedule for now without too much pressure.
      Love talking to you, thank you so much for leaving a comment, I feel so distracted even though I do follow you on Facebook.

      Lori Jo

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