Do you sometimes feel the Midlife Impatience in an Impatient World?

I was recently invited by Leanne of “Cresting the Hill“ to write a guest post about anything I was experiencing as an over 50 person in midlife that I would like to share.   I chose to write about my commitment to overcoming impatience and anxiousness in my life.  I decided enough was enough and am mindfully working on not wasting my mental and physical energy on things that are just not worth it, it is exhausting!

Leanne is an Australian blogger whom I first met through a Facebook Pinterest  blogging group.  My post went live on her site last week, so please visit Leanne’s blog for my guest post submission and to also see what her blog has to offer – You will find great content on her site, she has been blogging for several years now and has been a great help and inspiration to me.  You can link to Leanne’s blog and the guest post HERE as well as clicking the photo below:

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