Casual Pinstripe with a Pop

Summer is winding down on the calendar here in Georgia, but it is still hot which could last through October.  In the meantime, casual cooler clothing with a few subtle options gradually carries us into Fall.  This pinstripe t-shirt paired with dark cropped jeans is a mix of Summer and a hint at Fall with the dark denim.   The nautical/beachy look to the t-shirt pops off of the dark jeans and backdrops the focal gold necklace – other jewelry is kept to a minimum for this casual look with a simple gold bracelet and earrings.

Don’t Shy Away from Pinstripe, the Friendly Horizontal Stripe

Yes, wide horizontal stripes can make us look wider and somewhat like a bumble bee, LOL.  But, a very thin pinstripe with plenty of contrasting color in between works for most body types for a flattering fresh look.  Just pay attention to the cut, flow and proportion to your body type.

50 With Flair, Old Navy Jeans, White with Blue Pinstripe T-shirt, Gold Wedge Sandals and Jewelry

I found a similar necklace for you here on Amazon.  The earrings are from Versona, I wear them often with casual outfits.  Similar gold drop earrings are here at Amazon.  Visit this post about my gold bracelet that I bought at an art show on our recent weekend trip to Blue Ridge, GA.

// Gold Necklace //

Wearing Pinstripe with a Healthy Glow

I am ready for the cooler change of season.  As we leave Summer, I will probably stop using my sunless tanner near the end of September.  You can read more about the Jergens Tanner in my previous swimsuit post here.  I noticed that several of you have ordered the Amazon twin-pack deal, which is a good way to stay stocked on this great tanner, it was sold out in my local area a few times already — it is good to keep it on hand year round since you never know when a formal occasion, like a wedding or holiday party, may pop up and you choose to wear something dressy and sleeveless, etc. — and wouldn’t a Christmas cruise be fun!  Definitely a must for a cruise.  Below is an easy shopping link to order yours:

// Jergens Natural Glow Sunless Tanner //

Over 50 skincare, Jergens Natural Glow, sunless tanning lotion, sunless tanner, firming cream, tanning cream

// Jergens Natural Glow Sunless Tanner //

My dark wash cropped jeans are from Ann Taylor Loft, they are the Curvy Kick Crop style.  I bought these a couple of years ago, so the styles and names have changed.  Their site shows crop or skinny crop, hard to tell much difference.  My previous post here shows a few more shots of these jeans.

50 With Flair, Old Navy Jeans, White with Blue Pinstripe T-shirt, Gold Wedge Sandals and Jewelry

Tan wedge sandals work well for this casual look and will carry you into Fall.  These sandals are called  “Vibrant” and are by Naturalizer  (2-1/4″ heel, 1″ platform front, cushioned insole), you can shop a similar style here at Amazon.

// Tan Wedge Sandal //

Resort Chic Casual Pinstripe 

Casual white jeans along with all gold accessories and shoes change the outfit for a more sophisticated look, an easy transition.  My white jeans and pinstripe t-shirt are both from Old Navy.  When wearing white, be sure to wear undergarments that closely match your skin tone to avoid panty lines that will silhouette through your white outfit.  We are going for sophisticated here, not peek-a-boo, LOL.

50 With Flair, Old Navy Jeans, White with Blue Pinstripe T-shirt, Gold Wedge Sandals and Jewelry

Have you tried this front tuck look with your shirt and jeans?  It also adds some extra style to a dressy casual look.  Also,  I rolled up the cuffs one roll for a dressier look with sandals.  More skin showing above the ankle makes your legs look longer and leaner for a nicely balanced appearance.

50 With Flair, Old Navy Jeans, White with Blue Pinstripe T-shirt, Gold Wedge Sandals and Jewelry

The gold wedge sandals are a few years old and are by Naturalizer.  I found a similar option here on Amazon.

// Gold Wedge Sandals //

Adding a lightweight cardigan sweater or casual jacket would take this look up another notch for a very complete look for an evening out.  For another dressier look, read my post here about dressing monochromatic along with a third piece cardigan.

50 With Flair, Old Navy Jeans, White with Blue Pinstripe T-shirt, Gold Wedge Sandals and Jewelry

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  1. You wear the pinstripes well, lots of great ideas! I live in SW Florida and also use the Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer/tanner on my legs all the time to keep some color on them. It’s the best product I’ve found!

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hey, Candi! I am originally from Naples, FL, probably near you? I haven’t “baked” myself in many years so the tanner is great, and the firming formula is a bonus! Glad you like the pinstripe, it is also a good nautical look for Florida. Thanks for visiting!

      Lori Jo

  2. I love this outfit, Lori Jo and I do have a couple of pinstripe tops. I think I could recreate what you are wearing from my wardrobe which would save some $$$s all I need are some new sandals. I enjoy your fashion inspiration. Have a lovely week and enjoy the last couple of weeks of Summer. We are heading into Spring in Australia now 🙂

    • Lori Jo Reply

      So glad it inspired you! Sometimes the best shopping is right in our own closet. I have discovered that many of my current wardrobe pieces still work with styling updates and seasonal trends, and that is always good for the pocketbook. Too bad that we have a 12 hour time difference, it would be great to just pop over and have a coffee and shopping trip with you, and we are opposite seasons, that always fascinates me that your Winter is hot and we are cold here in the U.S.

      Talk soon, friend 🙂

      Lori Jo

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hey, Stacey! I need to visit your site soon 🙂 Thanks so much for the compliment, simple is sometimes best with some extra sparkle on top, no stress! Glad you were inspired by the outfit. I have some “mustard” pieces coming soon that I just ordered from Amazon, that is the big color you will see for Fall. I will show how to break it up to make it wearable for everyone no matter what their coloring or hair color, “mustard” and “chartreuse” are two colors that really scare us, LOL. Talk soon, thanks for the visit 🙂

      Lori Jo

  3. Kathy 🇨🇦 Reply

    I also love pin stripes…,actually have so much of it in my wardrobe, I need to stop….lol…..recently started to wear a pretty floral scarf with a striped t, love how that looks! Taking baby steps towards pattern mixing! As always you take a classic look and make it look wonderful!

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hey, Kathy, my fashion “twin”, ha! You are ahead of me, look at you mixing patterns and all into stripes! Stay tuned, I will share some over-the-counter skin care information tomorrow while I am awaiting a few fashion pieces I just ordered from Amazon, “mustard” is the big Fall color, so that will be fun for Fall updates. Talk soon, friend 😀

      Lori Jo

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