How to Boil Eggs and Egg Facts, But First…..

I have always been healthy food conscious, even more so in later life and now that I am on the brink of my 58th birthday which is actually tomorrow, so that is more than a brink, right? LOL.  And now, on my birthday eve, I choose to write about eggs.  My family has a history of heart issues.  I have had some elevated cholesterol readings and need to keep my foods lean, clean and low-fat with  plenty of exercise.  Surprisingly, my research reading revealed that one egg each day is actually good for your health due to the powerhouse of nutrition within each egg and doesn’t impact cholesterol as once thought.  Keep reading for more on this, but first……

After watching the 1967 movie, “Cool Hand Luke”, I never thought I would want another egg, especially a boiled egg, for the rest of my life!  There is a very descriptive scene in the movie where Paul Newman takes on a challenge to eat 50 boiled eggs.  There are plenty of close-ups of him eating each egg and the end result of what happens to him with this challenge.  I won’t spoil it for you.  This is an excellent must-see movie, the story is great but I could watch it without the sound just to look at Paul Newman in the prime of his life, he was gorgeous!

Eggs in the Dairy Department?

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, diary is defined as “all fluid milk products and foods made from milk”.  So, under this definition, dairy is:  milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream and butter.  Therefore, even though they are in close proximity at the grocery store, eggs are NOT dairy.  Eggs are considered an animal product, meaning that they fit in the animal category that includes:  poultry, fish and meats.

One Last Thing:  Be a ‘Good Egg’, Know Your Egg Facts and Nutrition

Recent studies show that eggs are lower in cholesterol than previously reported.  One egg per day does not raise your cholesterol nor does it raise the risk of developing higher cholesterol.  One egg contains 185 mg of cholesterol and 41 IU of Vitamin D.  In addition to containing only 70 calories each, eggs also provide 6 grams of high-quality protein each and cost only about 17-cents per serving.  A protein-packed breakfast with eggs sustains your mental and physical energy throughout the day.  Eggs also contain 250 milligrams of choline each which promotes normal cell activity, liver function and proper distribution of nutrients, vitamins and minerals throughout the body.  Eggs contain zero carbszero sugar AND eggs are gluten-free.  Eggs contain 9 essential amino acids.  (these facts are from “The Incredible Egg” website)

Finally, Friendly Boiled Eggs

This may seem like a simple thing, but I have spent most of my life guessing if a hard boiled egg was completely cooked.  Knowing about the salmonella risk with any type of poultry, I have usually over cooked my boiled eggs giving them that yucky gray ring around the yolk.  But, by golly, they were cooked, LOL!  I have had many boiled egg “fails” over the years with disastrous results for Easter eggs and deviled eggs alike.  I have tried the “two minute egg” method only to have the middle of the yolk still sticky and raw.  Martha Stewart’s cooking show just taught me how to boil the perfect hard boiled egg, plus I add on one minute just to make sure they are fully cooked.  And, I have added a surprise ingredient to the water which helps them peel easily as well.



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  1. jodie filogomo Reply

    Do you know that I’ve always used an egg cooker. That’s what my mom used and what i grew up with, so I didn’t even realize you could do it this way!!
    If we downsize again, I may consider this method!

    • Lori Jo Reply

      That sounds cool! I try to go “low-tech” on some things, like French press, etc., but I do love my rice cooker and Crockpot!

      Lori Jo

  2. Hi Lori Jo, I love eggs – hard boiled on my sandwich but soft boiled if I have toast ‘soldiers’ to dip into it. I also didn’t realise for some time that the medical had changed it’s opinion that eggs are okay from a cholesterol point of view. Thanks for the information and also how to perfectly boil an egg – not that easy! 🙂

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Glad you found it informative, Sue! I am glad that eggs are not bombs to our bodies, and I think one per day or maybe an omelet once per week, etc., is fine. Just not in excess, like most things. Of course, added oil to fry or loads of mayonnaise in egg salad throws it all off. Smart cooking and preparation pays off for our health.

      Lori Jo

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