Swimsuit Perfection, at Least for Me

There were three things that I used to hate shopping for:  Jeans, Bras and SWIMSUITS -- I gave up on bras long ago, I don't have "much" so just soft and stretchy does the job fine.  Old Navy jeans seem to be my true fit now.  And then there was the dreaded swimsuit, but no more!

Finally, I found a swimsuit that does it all for me, plus it is very affordable!  I am talking about feeling comfortable and confident, nothing too sexy nor frumpy either -- good coverage, no gaps, plus nothing tight or binding.  You don't have to look matronly or covered up once you reach a certain age - a modest, flattering swimsuit style is completely possible for those of us beyond our bikini years.  I can sometimes get by with a 2-piece style, but it is really a hit or miss game with that.  What works best for me is a pin-up style swimsuit that I found on Amazon last year before our trip to Mt. Rushmore.  This suit comes in a full array of prints and solids, but I purposely picked red, white and blue, because I am patriotic like that.  And, because we were going to see a mountain carved with a few of our most historic presidents, so why not?!   The swimsuit is called the Cocoship Vintage Sailor Pin-up style suit.  Here is a shopping link for your convenience:  

Cocoship Vintage Sailor Swimsuit

The swimsuit is good for all body types and comes in Size 6 through Size 22

(Read the size chart when ordering - I ordered according to my bust size and it is a perfect fit since the bottom is less fitted than the top)

Over 50 Swimsuit, Red White and Blue Swimsuit, Nautical Swimsuit, Swimdress, Halter Swimsuit, Flattering Mature Swimwear

More Details About my Swimsuit

This style of swimsuit is also called a "skirtini" due to the extra coverage you get from the "swim dress" styling of the suit.  I like the adjustable tie-neck halter top that also has thin foam cups built in.  The dress has a flattering flow from under the bust line and falls at just the right length to cover below the lumps, bumps and bulges that I have around the thigh and hip area.

Keep reading to find out more about under and behind the suit.  But first, a couple of important "prep" items.

Before I Put on the Swimsuit

Ya'll, in addition to finding my perfect swimsuit, I found my perfect sunless tanner!  Even Big T has been putting it on his lily whites, he could not be outdone by me, ha!  He reminded me last night that I need to pick up more at the store since he doesn't want to be caught without it, LOL.  So now I have to say "WE" have really enjoyed using this Jergens Natural Glow sunless tanning lotion.  He is really white and I have some olive tone in my skin, but it works for both of us for a natural look without being orange and streaky.  I apply it liberally right after I dry off from the shower.  I put it on very thinly the first time I tried it, but realized that a thicker coat worked very well.  I saw color within a couple of hours and have been using it every day for almost two weeks now.  It soaks in quickly and dries completely by the time I have brushed my teeth and started my makeup. It has a pleasant smell and I haven't noticed any type of flaking or spotty color.  It is a moisturizing, firming formula.  Amazon has a great price on the twin pack here.  Fair to Medium formula works for us, but I would also try the darker one with a lighter application, it just depends on how your skin works with it.

Over 50 skincare, Jergens Natural Glow, sunless tanning lotion, sunless tanner, firming cream, tanning cream

Jergens Natural Glow Sunless Tanner

Over 50 Swimsuit, Red White and Blue Swimsuit, Nautical Swimsuit, Swimdress, Halter Swimsuit, Flattering Mature Swimwear

The Other Thing Before the Swimsuit

Okay, let's get personal for a moment here.  I don't know about you but, due to hormonal changes and menopause, I have lost all of the hair on my arms and have about nine hairs combined on both legs that I have to shave two to three time per year, not complaining! LOL.  Although, for the other areas not so fortunate, I was thrilled to find this cute little razor that is also great for travel.  I found it on Amazon before our Mt. Rushmore trip last summer, then never once put on the swimsuit since we stayed on the go most of the time.  I also have to be very careful under my right arm since I had lymph nodes removed there due to breast cancer surgery eight years ago; no nicks allowed, so I prefer a gentle electric shave in that area.  I have really enjoyed the Epitome Mini Bomber.  It is a smooth gentle shave that gets the job done quickly.  This cute little ladies razor comes with a protective cap, instructions, USB charging cord and handy little drawstring tote for all of the included items.  It can be used wet or dry, and takes up very little space in your suitcase when travelling, I love it!  Here is a link to purchase your own handy little razor:

Epitome Mini Bomber Razor

EPI-tome, Women's Travel Razor, Rechargeable Cordless Razor

The Epitome Bomber Razor is very thin and fits into the palm of your hand.

EPI-tome, Women's Travel Razor, Rechargeable Cordless Razor


Swimsuit Mechanics, Under the Hood and in the TrunkOver 50 Swimsuit, Red White and Blue Swimsuit, Nautical Swimsuit, Swimdress, Halter Swimsuit, Flattering Mature Swimwear

Surprise!  The swimsuit has boy bottoms built into the design!  This is such a comfortable design for this swimsuit.  The bottoms are made like loose leg shorts and are a comfortable length that is further covered by the skirt.  This provides extra confidence when swimming, exiting the pool and lounging by the pool.  I could even wear this suit out in the yard when tending to my garden.

Over 50 Swimsuit, Red White and Blue Swimsuit, Nautical Swimsuit, Swimdress, Halter Swimsuit, Flattering Mature Swimwear

The back of the suit exposes enough of my back for a tan without going down too low.  There is plenty of side and back coverage around the edges with no gaping.  The skirt is actually a bit longer in the back than the front for additional coverage and confidence.  You can see where I missed my strap marks with the sunless tanner.  The tanner does a good job, but my leg veins are still visible.  I am going to look into vein injections or laser in the Fall when I will not be wearing shorts.  Have any of you had the injections or laser for leg veins?  I would like to know your experience with those procedures.

Swimsuit Sandal Essentials

Sometimes it is hard to find cute poolside waterproof sandal flip-flops that don't look plain and clunky.  I have two pair that go well with my swimsuit.  You have seen my navy blue Crocs sandals in previous posts, and I also found a patriotic pair of simple flip-flops actually at Dollar Tree, which of course are cheapie quality, so I found a better looking pair for you on Amazon. . Links for both styles of sandals are provided below each picture below for you to take a peek at buying options.

Over 50 Swimsuit, Red White and Blue Swimsuit, Nautical Swimsuit, Swimdress, Halter Swimsuit, Flattering Mature Swimwear

Red, White and Blue Flip-flops

Over 50 Swimsuit, Red White and Blue Swimsuit, Nautical Swimsuit, Swimdress, Halter Swimsuit, Flattering Mature Swimwear

Navy Blue Crocs Fashion Sandals

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  1. You’ve done it again! I almost didn’t click — how in the world can you take the trauma out of buying or wearing a swimsuit!? I hadn’t heard of the Skirtini but you look great and I think it would be perfect to cover up a multitude of sins! So — once more — thank you!!

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Barbara! Never be afraid to click, girl, ha! We are all in this this “over 50+” thing together — When I find and figure out possibilities that inspire, it will be here, no fear factor! I love this style since it is for all body types. I did a lot of research before I bought that suit, and since Amazon has quick delivery and easy returns, there was nothing to lose. I was so thrilled that it fit so well and is good quality. I hope you and others will give it a try, they have some really cute fabrics, I may get another one to wear them as “sun suits” more than swimsuits when I am outside doing stuff around the house. Thanks for dropping by, see you on Rosemont Book Club!
      Lori Jo

  2. I hadn’t bought a swimsuit in ages, so I finally got a new one this year too!! It really wasn’t that bad shopping for one…maybe they have more selections now??
    I love this on you…

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Thanks, Jodie! I hid in the privacy of my home this time, ha! I think there are more styles now and vintage designs have come back as well. This one in particular is not “old lady” or “slick sexy chick”, I think the cuts are becoming more thoughtful, if that makes sense.
      Thanks for visiting, friend, I see you on Instagram having a grand time 😀
      Lori Jo

  3. What a gorgeous swimsuit Lori Jo! I was going to say “bathers” but not sure if that’s what you guys call them in the US? Anyway, it really suits you and does seem to have a lot of little extras to cover up the ‘ravages’ of getting older. Also loved your matching thongs (another Aussie word?) – flip flops in your lingo – very patriotic all round!

    Leannen | cresting the hill

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hey, Leanne! So glad you like the suit, let me know if you try one. Oh, I love the Aussie terms, I have never heard bathers, but that makes sense! I grew up in Naples, Florida and was at the beach all of the time. Back then, we called it a “bathing suit” and I wore a “bathing cap” because my mom and grandma did to keep their hair dry, I am talking about the late 1960s when I was in elementary school. I switched to calling it a swim suit because that seems to be the current term and I see it in ads as well, but I don’t mind showing my age with terms, it’s fun and my girls cringe, ha! And, “back then”, we called flip-flps “thongs” as well. I switched to flip-flops because, according to the late hilarious Joan Rivers, thong now means “butt floss”, and I do not wear that style of undies, LOL. Thanks for visiting, talk soon! 😀

      Lori Jo

  4. It looks awesome on you! Choosing a swimsuit is definitely one of the most challenging parts of life! And it’s safe to say you have aced it 😍 loved the post 😊

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hey, Dewni! So glad you enjoyed the post, let me know if you try one of the suits, I really am very comfortable in mine. I am very new at blogging (just 10 weeks into it this week), so I am tweaking my posts as it goes along. I want to add more of a blend into the mix as I settle into still learning and writing blog posts. I want to provide good, useful information for my over 50 crowd. The fashion is for sprucing up our look and confidence, I never want that to look shallow or superficial — the pictures are for inspiration, certainly not to be a show-off with my squatty self, ha! Thanks for the visit, be sure to tell your over 50 friends about “50 With Flair”.

      Lori Jo

  5. Wow I love the skirtini, and that it hides a multitude of middle aged sins would be a great relief for me. Hairs on my legs and arms are down to minimal after menopause, but my bikini line has taken up the slack on that front! What a relief not to have to shave with a skirtini like the lovely one you’re modelling. (Thanks for popping over to Lifestyle Fifty earlier for MLSTL today x)

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hey, Jo! Always nice to meet another “Jo”, it was my paternal grandmother’s name. I thought about giving the same middle name to both of my girls, but decided it would be too much like “Petticoat Junction”, they would have hated me, ha! Let me know if you order one of the swimsuits, I really am very comfortable in mine and will probably order one or two more, nice to not have to deal with as much “prep” work, the little razor really helps with that also. Yes, it is amazing what menopause does to our bodies, but there are “work-arounds” for most of it. I am actually working on a post about the very things that have changed since I turned 50, it may end of being a really long post, ha! I turn 58 next month, so I am actually closer to the next “0” than “5-0”, that one is bothering me for some reason, oh well. Thanks for visiting, let’s talk again soon 😀

      Lori Jo

  6. Kathy 🇨🇦 Reply

    Yay! Your back! Lori Jo I just love this swimsuit! It is so flattering on you! I looked this up on Amazon and it comes in so many choices, I think I will order up the blue/white stripe ….I will let you know how that purchase turns out…lol. They are also affordable too……another bonus! Thank you for doing your research for us! I also love the Jergens self tanner, I’ve been using the new mousse…..that stuff is wonderful! Thank you for doing this post, your a brave lady to be showing the world you in your bathing suit, I wear a bathing suit a lot because of living our winters in Florida…..but I’m not keen on having my picture taken in it…haha! Kudos to you!! Have a great day! Looking forward to the next post!

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hey, Kathy! We have such long hot summers here in Georgia that I could probably post a new swimsuit from now until October. I hope your suit “suits” you just as well as mine does, I really am totally comfortable in it. I don’t remember if you told me, but where do you spend your Florida winters? I am originally from Naples, Florida, it was a great place to grow up. I have been in Georgia since 1983 from my career; Naples is so much bigger now and I have no family left there. Still beautiful, but not the same, very populated…. but life marches on with more to see and do. Thanks so much for hanging with me, I am tweaking my posts and want to add more of a blend into the mix as I settle into still learning and writing blog posts. I want to provide good, useful information for our over 50 crowd. The fashion is for sprucing up our look and confidence, I never want that to look shallow or superficial — the pictures are for inspiration, certainly not to be a show-off with my squatty self, ha! Talk soon, please give me updates when you try something from the blog 😀

      Lori Jo

      • Kathy 🇨🇦 Reply

        We are in Bradenton….and I’ve been to Naples many times! It’s a beautiful spot!!

        • Lori Jo Reply

          Very nice! Cannot beat the Gulf Coast. My mom’s family was all from Tampa, and Lutz. Her sister’s family lived there in an orange grove. Great memories, we are overdue for a trip back down that way!

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hey, Loretta! Glad you like it also, the response has been very positive, and a budget-friendly price of $29 cannot be beat for what this suit offers. Thanks for visiting, I truly appreciate it!

      Lori Jo

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