Travelling Blue Ridge, Georgia – Day 2: Shopping

If you missed Day 1 of our trip to Blue Ridge, Georgia, you can visit that post here.  Travelling Blue Ridge, Georgia wouldn’t be complete without a full day of shopping!  I promised you a picture of the fun shirt I bought on Day 1 of our trip — I wore the shirt on Day 2 for our side trip to  the Mountain Fling Art and Craft Show in the neighboring city of Blairsville, Georgia. Travelling Blue Ridge Georgia, Over 50 Fashion, 50 With Flair, Wine Glass T-shirt, White Jeans, Gold Jewelry

50 With Flair, Over 50 Fashion, Black Wine T-shirt, Blue Ridge Georgia Trip, Travelling Blue Ridge, Georgia

Read my previous post on Day 1 about this shirt here  –  I bought this fun shirt on Day 1 of our trip and you can purchase one for yourself here.

Travelling Blue Ridge, Georgia – Day 2:  Mountain Fling

The Mountain Fling Art and Craft Show in the neighboring city of Blairsville, Georgia, was a short 20-minute drive of more beautiful scenery and something unique in addition to the Blue Ridge shops.  This is an annual show at the North Georgia Technical College that I found when I looked up local festivals before we left for the trip.  It was very organized with upscale local artisans, and comfortable with everything displayed inside of the college with air conditioning and conveniences.  I love all things “from heart through hands”.

Travelling Blue Ridge Georgia, Over 50 Fashion, 50 With Flair, Mountain Fling, North Georgia Technical College, JAMS Jewelry, Chain Maille, Red Earrings

I was on the hunt for a pair of red drop earrings that show past my hair that hangs longer in the front.  I was surprised to find so many men at the art show who make very detailed, intricate jewelry.  This artist specializes in Chain Maille, which is an ancient art using a method of linked metal loops — he even makes his own loops!  These earrings are one-inch red glass drops attached to simple chain that he made by hand.  He does not have a website, but I have provided his information below which also shows other linked designs.

Travelling Blue Ridge Georgia, Over 50 Fashion, 50 With Flair, Mountain Fling, North Georgia Technical College, JAMS Jewelry Designs, Chain Maille

I could not resist this wire wrapped cuff bracelet.  The lady was so nice and had so many well-made pieces, but had no information or business card with the jewelry.  This is a sturdy flat, gold-filled wire that she wrapped with interspersed gold glass beads.  The inside of the beads have the gold color so they will not chip or peel.  I love it, a perfect fit, it clips to form a firm bangle style.

Travelling Blue Ridge Georgia, Over 50 Fashion, 50 With Flair, Mountain Fling, North Georgia Technical College, Gold Wire Wrapped Bracelet

I am outgoing and love to meet new people, especially artistic types, so I had to talk to each one of them about their techniques and admire their abilities while getting to know them.  By this time, Honey found a chair and was done with this.  But, I was only half done! LOL.  He was comfortable, so I moved on to the ceramic and pottery area.

Travelling Blue Ridge Georgia, Over 50 Fashion, 50 With Flair, Mountain Fling, North Georgia Technical College, Muddy Moses & Mom, Pottery

“Muddy Moses and Mom” is a son and mother team who make handmade soaps and simple stoneware dishes.  Her husband is a folk artist/potter.  Mother and son started out making soaps then decided to add soap dishes that are durable, natural and non-toxic.  Each one is pressed once from a leaf they have picked in the North Georgia Mountains near their home, all are one-of-a-kind.  Each leaf dish is $5.00 and is a good size, plus dishwasher and microwave safe.  I plan to use mine for many things like:  snack dish, spoon rest, jewelry dish, and maybe even soap, etc.  What a unique useful gift, I will probably order a few more from this sweet family.  I bought one for myself and one for my neighbor who watched our house and watered my garden while we were gone.  For more about Muddy Moses and Mom, you can read their story here and also link to there Facebook page here.

Travelling Blue Ridge Georgia, Over 50 Fashion, 50 With Flair, Mountain Fling, North Georgia Technical College, Muddy Moses & Mom, Pottery

After the Mountain Fling, we drove back to Blue Ridge for lunch, and more shopping.  I was then on the hunt for a red necklace to wear with my red drop earrings!
Travelling Blue Ridge Georgia, Over 50 Fashion, 50 With Flair, Broken Bull, Inc., Red Multi-chain Necklace, Simply Noelle, Blue Ridge Georgia Shopping

Halfway down Main Street in Blue Ridge, I went into the Broken Bull boutique, owned by Rick and Melisa Searcy.  This shop has nicer, affordable women’s and men’s clothing and accessories.  Honey relaxed outside in the shade while I shopped, talked and found this red necklace.  I love the multiple strands and the length.  It can be knotted or wrapped twice for different looks.  It is the “Simply Noelle” brand that the Broken Bull carries as their retail brand.

Rick was working on the day we were there.  I had an enjoyable conversation with him about our families, retirement and various other things that made it a delightful experience in their store.  Travelling Blue Ridge Georgia, Over 50 Fashion, 50 With Flair, Broken Bull, Inc., Blessing Earrings, Blue Ridge Georgia Shopping

It is an area of wonderfully friendly, good-hearted people.  As I was checking out, he said that I had blessed his day and that they give out a few blessings every day as well.  He told me to choose a pair of earrings from the assortment of handmade earrings that his wife, Melisa, makes for the store.  I was so touched and surprised by this, what a kind, genuine gesture.  I selected this extra long pair of earrings that go with so many outfits that I wear.  I will think of this Christian couple and their store every time that I wear these earrings.  You can visit their website here at Broken Bull , and their Facebook page is here.  I will be visiting their store again in the Fall when we return for another weekend getaway.

Travelling Blue Ridge Georgia, Over 50 Fashion, 50 With Flair, Harvest on Main Restaurant

Travelling Blue Ridge, Georgia – Day 2:  It’s Dinner Time!

After a short break and freshening up at our hotel, we went back to downtown Blue Ridge for dinner at Harvest on Main.

(Read my previous post about this navy jumpsuit that I wore to dinner here.)

This is a lodge-style restaurant with upscale cuisine at reasonable price points.  They offer unique entrees along with an extensive wine and beer list.  I had a delicious salad topped with grilled salmon.  The salad was infused with citrus, pecans and feta cheese tossed in a ginger apple cider vinaigrette.  Be sure to make a reservation for this very popular restaurant.  I enjoyed our table-for-two that was right off of the open kitchen that you see behind us.  It was fun to watch them cook and prepare everything.

Stay tuned for my final “Day 3” post on Friday this week on this series about “Travelling Blue Ridge, Georgia”!

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  1. Cathy Cleland Reply

    Enjoyed these articles about your vacation so far. You are in my new neck of the woods! But I’m in Romania still! There is a new boutique off the square in Blairsville you need to check out. Hello Beautiful Clothing Store.

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hey! We will check it out in the Fall, already planning a return trip! I would love to see you then – safe travels with your mission work, talk soon!
      Lori Jo

  2. Kathy 🇨🇦 Reply

    Really enjoyed reading about your weekend away. You bought some very beautiful and unique gifts. You and I could shop very well together….I love jewelery! Our hubby’s would get along too….mine is usually sitting somewhere waiting for me too… . I absolutely adore that jumpsuit you are wearing, so much so I have even checked eBay for one…no luck yet! Keep up the great work on your blog, I think you are doing an awesome job! Have a great evening!

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hey, Kathy! Yes, we continue to have life parallels, don’t we? 😀 I think there are Amazon links to similar jumpsuits in one of my posts, I will check through and let you know. I have bought so many great things through Amazon, rarely disappointed. So glad you are enjoying the blog, talk soon! 🙂
      Lori Jo

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hey, Pam! Thanks for visiting my blog, so glad you enjoy it. I normally don’t wear message shirts, but I couldn’t resist the bling and fun of it, why not?! Talk soon 🙂
      Lori Jo

  3. Sonia Singh Reply

    Love your blog! Having similar interests, gardening, jewelry making, fashion makes it fun. Love your writing style. Hoping to start a similar blog one of these days but find it hard with a full time job. Kudos to you and keep it up!

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hi, Sonia! Please tell me where you found me, since I am so new to the blogging world, I like to know where I may be popping up.
      I am still very much a work in progress, but will be writing a post very soon about how I started blogging and what I learned along the way as I dug around and found the best help and information, a simple outline overview that will provide links to everything. You could absolutely be a blogger, even with a full time job; you could post one day each week to start out. My blog has been live only since May 1st of this year. I actually set it up almost 6 months prior and pecked around with it on private mode, I was scared and fiddling with different looks and setups, then finally took the plunge and went live. Since I am home full-time, I started out posting every day in May, then cut back to M/W/F in June, and am just now re-adjusting once again to Tues/Thurs only for July to see how that works — it needs to be quality over quantity to keep it fun and informative.
      Thank you for visiting, talk soon! 😀
      Lori Jo

  4. Be sure to check out Blue Ridge Bath and Body Co. during your next trip to Blue Ridge. Handmade, affordable products for men, women, pets and children too! 🙂🛁

    • Lori Jo Reply

      We will, Marcia! I remember visiting your store. Fall will be closer to Christmas, so have my buggy waiting, LOL. Thanks for visiting my blog, I have some great Flair Seekers!
      p.s. I am available for sponsored posts if you would like for me to sample a few things. Does your shop offer online ordering?
      Lori Jo

  5. You’re really encouraging me to want to get out and explore my home state! Thanks!!

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Absolutely, Kim! Hello again 🙂 – We are now planning a 3-day trip to Asheville, NC to see the Biltmore Estate for my birthday in August. Not too much further than the Georgia state line, but far enough to feel like we have gone on a relaxing trip, around 4.5 hours from where we live in Peachtree City. A change of scenery is nice and we haven’t seen the estate since our girls were in middle school, they are 25 and 27 now! Thanks for stopping by, I will pay you a visit soon 😀

      Lori Jo

    • Lori Jo Reply

      We plan to visit again in the Fall, they have festivals at that time, plus colorful foliage with the change of season. More shopping for handmade things! Thank you for visiting my blog:)
      Lori Jo

  6. Hi Lori Jo – I’ve been loving this series of posts – you always look so perfectly put together (not a hair out of place or a smudge in sight on those lovely white pants! I also loved your beautifully curated pictures of the jewellry etc that you found along the way and I’m glad you added some of it to your collection 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with us at #MLSTL and I’ve shared this on my SM x

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Thanks, Leanne! It is just simple pieces put together with a few accessories, an easy way to dress. I love sharing fun finds, I think showing them further describes the feel of this charming little town and its friendly shops and dining. I never spend too much and try to get memorable things I can wear and enjoy instead of nicknacks gathering dust or stuck away. Enjoyed the linky, I shared yours also, talk soon!
      Lori Jo

  7. It looks like you had a wonderful time shopping. The jewelry is beautiful! Your husband is a good sport to go along, even if he did have to find a chair halfway through. 🙂

    • Lori Jo Reply

      So true, Christie! He can work out in our big, hot yard for hours, but falls into a heap of bored exhaustion when I want to spend 30 minutes in a store, LOL. But I guess I can also be like this with him in Home Depot 😀 It was such a fun weekend trip, watch for Day #3 next week on the link-up – Thanks for visiting my blog!
      Lori Jo

  8. I love to shop on vacations. I can find original things not available in my area when I shop when traveling. Love those earrings.

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Exactly, Amy! Very special and a nice wearable memory 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog!
      Lori Jo

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Awesome! They may not remember me, but please tell them that I referred you! They are well-known in the cute little town, very nice people and born there. Thanks for visiting my blog and for sharing, stay tuned for Day #3 in Blue Ridge next week on #MLSTL 🙂
      Lori Jo

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