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You may remember my post on Monday of this week.  I was singin’ the blues and all wrapped up in the cloak of darkness.  I even shed a few tears while trudging heavily and feeling 50 shades of down-in-the-dumps.  Well, I am here to tell you that I worked through most of that stuff with an added bonus – Big T came through, he was listening this time!  That’s right, he set up a weekend trip for just the two of us to the North Georgia mountains, a 2-night getaway!  I already have my summer travelling outfit on and we are leaving bright and early this morning for the quaint  mountain town of Blue Ridge, Georgia – I am so happy to be hitting the road, getting the heck out of Dodge, heading to them thar hills…. you get my drift — Yippee ki yay, here we come!  LOL.

Summer Travelling, in the Color Purple

I am a very light packer when it comes to trips, so my suitcase was packed yesterday and is ready to go.  I had already tidied up the house and wanted just a quick photo to show you this outfit, so I didn’t bring out my backdrop and do a full set-up for just this one summer travelling outfit.  Plus, you get to see some of our backyard and me in full daylight, shadowy lines and all, ha! (I took this photo yesterday afternoon)  That is my bay tree in the big pot, I love to add bay leaves to a lot of my cooking.  I have a few recipes to share with you soon, and I will also write a post showing how I pack.  Back to the outfit —

50 With Flair, Over 50, Summer Travelling Outfit, Purple Top, Ann Taylor Loft Jeans, Cheetah Belt and Skinny Crops

This outfit is comfortable, colorful and accessorized for travelling the 2-1/2 hour trip north of where we live in Peachtree City, Georgia.  This dark shade of purple is a rich color that is a nice alternative to black and I like the way the cheetah print belt plays off of it.  The top is an easy-care polyester knit that I bought at Ross years ago.  It has a soft collar neckline and a band at the bottom, so I can wear it tucked in or on the outside for a completely different look.  I have kept the jewelry simple with gold earrings and cuff bracelet which I will wear again over the weekend with other outfits.  Adding a long gold chain necklace would make it dressier for evening.  The neutral brown wedge sandals are comfortable and also go with other outfits I am bringing on the trip.  The earrings are from Versona, I found similar gold drop earrings here at Amazon.

Here is an Amazon link for my belt:  //Cheetah Belt//

My wedge sandals are by Merona which is a Target brand, they are around three years old.  Here is a previous post where I show a close-up picture of the shoes, and I have found more options for you — I LOVE this style by Nine West on Amazon, cute criss-cross detail with a GREAT price point.  Here is another option by Crocs on Amazon, the upper is all leather, Crocs are so comfortable.  Here is one more pair by Kenneth Cole on Amazon that has lots of color options.

50 With Flair, Over 50, Summer Travelling Outfit, Purple Top, Ann Taylor Loft Jeans, Cheetah Belt and Skinny Crops

My dark wash cropped jeans are from Ann Taylor Loft, they are the Curvy Kick Crop style.  I bought these a couple of years ago, so the styles and names have changed.  Their site shows crop or skinny crop, hard to tell much difference.  My previous post here shows a few more shots of these jeans.

What I wear in the car is usually what I wear for the rest of the day.  Sometimes I will change for dinner, I will decide after I see the restaurant where we have reservations.  Big T also made reservations for us on the scenic railway that departs shortly after we arrive.  It will take us through the North Georgia mountains and into part of Tennessee.  There are a few gift shops along the way, so I will be sure to grab something wearable or useful as a momento of our trip.

I will be snapping more photos of my weekend outfits to share with you on next week’s blog posts.  This trip will be a good example of how I pack light with just a few pieces that make multiple outfits.  We will be doing lots of sightseeing, shopping, eating and visiting breweries and vineyard wine tasting rooms.  I am looking forward to this trip and will have a full report for you next week!

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  1. Yay Lori Jo!!
    So glad you’re getting out on a fun trip!! That sounds delightful!! How great of Big T to arrange it!! I love getting away and seeing new places! Such a joy to break away from the “to do” list and just relax and enjoy life!! Everyone needs a break from time to time!! Love your outfit too!! Can’t wait to hear how you enjoyed the train ride!!

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hey, Kathleen! We had a great time today and more to come tomorrow! The train was terrific, great shops, restaurants and atmosphere – we are already planning to come back in the Fall for that beautiful color, crisp air and a festival, have to book early! More soon, so nice to have you follow along 🙂
      Lori Jo

  2. Kathy 🇨🇦 Reply

    Enjoy your weekend away! Sounds like your enjoying it very much! Comfy traveling outfits is a must! Cya back next week!

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hey, Kathy! Just returned a couple of hours ago from this much needed trip – will have some fun stuff and outfits I wore on the trip posted this week! Talk soon, friend 🙂
      Lori Jo

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