We made it to Friday, woo-hoo!  This has been the adjustment week for my blogging schedule.  May 1st was my launch day, so my blog is just 5 weeks old this week.  I decided that I have been a really tough boss on myself and that I am really hard to work for, LOL.  So, I am changing to a new schedule of posting on just Monday, Wednesday and Friday instead of 6 days per week.  This should be more comfortable for me and you will receive just three e-mails each week.  During this adjustment, I also want to share more of my thoughts and feelings about being over 50 in addition to the focus being on fashion and beauty.  I am wearing this dressy casual red, white and dark navy outfit today for shopping and lunch with my younger daughter — fingers crossed for no rain!  Wear Red, White, Blue - 50 With Flair, Red White Blue, Red White Blue Jewelry and Accessories

Dressy Casual Red, White, Dark Navy Blue

One more red, white and blue outfit cannot hurt anything, right?  So, I decided to include this final set of images I already had on-hand to round out and finish up the series on wearing red, white and blue.  If you missed the beginning of the series, you can find the previous five posts here:

//Memorial Day Outfit//   //Day #1//   //Day #2//   //Day #3//   //Day #4//

Wear Red, White, Blue - 50 With Flair, Red White Blue, Red White Blue Jewelry and Accessories

This is another one of my ancient tops that I love and have been wearing for years, probably a Ross purchase.  As far as print goes, this is about as crazy as I can go without it looking too busy.  It works because it is somewhat muted and just two colors.  It is a lightweight knit that is styled with a high-waisted wrap just under the bust line with a slight mandarin neckline.  This is a flattering style that gives a taller, leaner appearance.  I found similar options for you on Amazon here:

//Red Top #1//   //Red Top #2//

Wear Red, White, Blue - 50 With Flair, Red White Blue, Red White Blue Jewelry and Accessories

If you missed my post on wearing sleeveless outfits, you can find it here entitled “Arm Yourself – You Can Wear Sleeveless“.

The dark navy pants are by Chaps and are a mid-weight stretchy poly-blend with no pockets, a side zipper, and a smooth wide elastic waist.  Smooth with no details is essential to avoid a bulky puffy look that can make you look heavier.  Navy is a versatile softer option to black for a foundation piece in your wardrobe.  These are considered capri length, but fit me as a cropped pant due to my height.

Wear Red, White, Blue - 50 With Flair, Red White Blue, Red White Blue Jewelry and AccessoriesFun Jewelry with Red, White, Dark Navy Blue

I have worn the same jewelry and shoes in every red, white and blue post in this series to show how versatile these accessories can be.  There is a description and close-up of the jewelry in a previous post here.

Wear Red, White, Blue - 50 With Flair, Red White Blue, Red White Blue Jewelry and Accessories

Dark Navy Capri Pants with Red Shoes

I chose to balance the red top with my red sandals.  The dark navy pants bring out the navy in the tassel necklace so it doesn’t get lost in the printed top.   I have had the red sandals for a couple of years, they are “Rayana” by Life Stride with light support.  I found similar styles for you on Amazon:

 //Red Sandal #1//    //Red Sandal #2//

Wear Red, White, Blue - 50 With Flair, Red White Blue, Red White Blue Jewelry and Accessories

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  1. Rosemary O'Koren Reply

    I love the print and style of this top. I think this is my favorite red, white and blue outfit.

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hey, Rosemary! I have worn this top with denim, khaki, black and even olive pants, I think even chocolate brown would work. It is so old, the hem fell out and I just turn it under, shame on me, I know how to sew. 😀 It is fun to try color and accessory combinations that aren’t an “obvious” choice. This is such a soft, comfortable outfit yet still kind of dressy. I think I will actually wear my navy Crocs sandals with it though, you never know how much walking we will do once we start a shopping expedition, ha! Thank you for commenting, friend <3
      Lori Jo

  2. I love your blog! You are so lovely, and have such a beautiful sense of style! I love all the options you suggest as well! I will be back!

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Thank you, Amy! I appreciate the positive feedback so much, I want the styles to be sensible and wearable. I have so many ideas coming up, just can’t get it out of the brain fast enough, ha! I look forward to visiting with you often. <3
      Lori Jo

  3. Hi Lori Jo, I’m a fan of red, navy and white it always looks so fresh and summery. Love the top and the necklace for colour and even though the outfit is simple it is definitely elegant and stylish, which is my ‘style’. I found that when I retired from the corporate world, I started wearing much more colour after years of black and grey suits. Have a lovely weekend!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hey, Sue! So many possibilities with this color combination, even with cooler weather it can be done, but I always think of summer also, and of course they are the U.S. flag colors (and also Australia!) so I always feel patriotic wearing red, white and blue. My days with corporate were long ago now, but I too wore a suit every day with panty hose, pumps and a “slip” (and don’t forget the permed hair!) – my daughters actually asked me what a slip was, ha! Color is so fun and can express who you are, so glad you are being colorful! I appreciate your visit and comment, talk soon <3
      Lori Jo

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