We finally had a beautiful sunny day, almost all day today after a solid week of heavy rain every day.  Hot and humid with summer sunshine and no rain, until just now.  I heard a rumble in the distance and looked outside to see a slow rain coming down with the sun still out, just like what I grew up with in Florida, a sun shower.  Big, hot drops of rain.  This is one final down burst that should be the last for at least a week — at least, that is what the forecast is showing.

America’s Game and Grilling for Summer

Apparently, there is a debate about which sport is “America’s Game”, baseball or football.  I grew up with baseball called America’s game and football as America’s past-time, but not worth debating when both are for enjoyment.  Our baseball team, the Atlanta Braves, is in first place and going strong!  Baseball is my all-time favorite game and it has really been fun watching them this year as they have been able to pull out numerous wins in the 9th inning when things looked bleak.  Walk-off home runs are exciting but also stressful!  Today was another walk-off home run win, Go Braves!

After the game, Big T grilled some marinated chicken while I steamed mixed vegetables and a bag of frozen quinoa with kale and garlic.  We are staying on track with healthy eating, but have a treat every now and then.  Our neighborhood’s summer picnic was rained out and cancelled yesterday, so we did have a “bite” of the peach cobbler that I fixed for that picnic.  We couldn’t let that go to waste, now could we? LOL.

Red, White and Blue for Summer

If you missed the 5-day series last week for wearing red, white and blue, you can catch up by clicking each picture below for details on each outfit.  I do have one more set of red, white and blue outfit pictures, but I may hold onto that or I may post it tomorrow.  I just haven’t decided yet.

50 With Flair, Red White Blue Series, Patriotic Colors 50 With Flair, Red White Blue Series, Patriotic Colors 50 With Flair, Red White Blue Series, Patriotic Colors









50 With Flair, Red White Blue Series, Patriotic Colors50 With Flair, Red White Blue Series, Patriotic Colors










Summer Garden

My raised bed gardens are about three weeks old now and have been getting more than enough rain.  I grow it all from seed because I enjoy watching the whole process from seed to producing plant.  The seeds all popped out within 10 days, but are now at a standstill.  I really think it is too much rain and not enough sunshine, so we added on some organic plant food to give it all more nutrients.  I will be posting more about my gardens this week which includes a grid on what I planted and how I planned for this season.  I am going to do this every year now so that I have a journal about what I planted and what worked and what didn’t.  I have had the gardens for three seasons and it is still a learning experience.

50 With Flair, Raised Bed Gardens, Summer Garden

I hope you are all enjoying the rest of your weekend, see you on the blog tomorrow!


  1. Hi Lori Jo
    I loved all your outfits – I think the first one is my favourite – I’m a huge fan of capri pants and live in them throughout Summer. We’re heading into Winter atm so lots of rain and the evenings are getting colder, so I always enjoy seeing Spring plantings and all the flowers that Bloggers in other hemispheres post at this time of the year.

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hey, Leanne! So glad you enjoyed the outfit inspiration! It is about being put together and not “dressed up”, comfortable and stylish without heavily trendy. So many options to choose from, I step out of my comfort zone often yet keep it timeless–I do not say “age appropriate” anymore, but timeless which seems to work for every body type and age. Our earth just amazes me, that you and I are literally “polar opposites” as far as weather goes. We are hot here in the Deep South of Georgia, U.S.A. and just starting Summer, and Australia is going into Winter. I am looking forward to linking up this Wednesday, see you on your blog soon!

  2. We actually just took our photos for our red, white and blue outfits last week!! There are so many great ways to combine these colors!!
    Popping over after seeing your comment in the Forever Fierce Group!! So glad you’re part of our tribe!!

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Thank you for visiting, Jodie! I see you popping all over the place, ha! I will be talking to you soon — Yes, so many combinations with red, white and blue, and it can be year-round, not just for summer. I have one more set of pics that will probably be posted this Friday, not sure yet. I appreciate the support and encouragement from you and the group, 5 weeks into this new, new world. Thanks again!
      Lori Jo <3

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