Welcome to Day #4 of this week’s Red, White, Blue theme.  If you missed Day #1, you can start with that previous post here.  The post for Day #2 is here.  The post for Day #3 is here.  Red is the focus piece in today’s outfit.  Red is the color of confidence, so wear red for that little extra lift that we all need as we adjust to life changes moving forward.

Be Confident, Wear Red – With Red, White, Blue

It is amazing how the color red can boost your mood and give you a sense of confidence.  Red has long been seen as the color of power, confidence, love and more.  Everyone can wear red as long as it is the right shade, most can wear a true cherry red.  Red can vary from a pink-y red to an orange-y red, so make sure you try on a few shades and pick one or two that work for you and your wardrobe and personality.  I assure you that you can wear red, no matter your hair color or skin color.  It is also the color of attraction.  Find a red that you like and wear it proudly to an upcoming event to see how many compliments you get, then let me know!

Red, White, Blue - 50 With Flair, Red White Blue, Scarf Layered with Necklace

The red, white and blue tassel necklace that I am wearing in all of the pictures in this series actually came attached to this red t-shirt.  The t-shirt is the Melissa Page brand from Stein Mart.  The necklace was attached, so I just snipped it off to wear with other things.  The elastic bracelet is from Avon and is just red, white and blue plastic beads.

Red, White, Blue - 50 With Flair, Red White Blue, Scarf Layered with Necklace

The t-shirt is a tad on the orange-y side but it is close enough to work with different pieces of my clothing.  I found it difficult to find a true deep red this season.  Most reds are trending orange-y, so I will be on the hunt for something truer, but this is fine in the meantime.

Red, White, Blue - 50 With Flair, Red White Blue, Scarf Layered with Necklace

The t-shirt is a good length with a very slight flow and rounded hem.  The drawstring on the side gives you the option for a ruched look to add interest to the shirt, or it can easily be let down for a smooth even look.  Other options to dress up a t-shirt look is the front tuck and the knot.  I show the knotted look in the Day #3 post here.  I found a similar red t-shirt option on Amazon here.

//Red T-shirt//

50 With Flair, Layer T-shirts, Cropped Jeans, Red White Blue JewelryI thought you all might like a close-up look at the jewelry. I especially like the gold strand in the necklace that dresses up the red, white and blue.  This is from the Day #3 post here.  Red, White, Blue - 50 With Flair, Red White Blue, Scarf Layered with Necklace

Layering jewelry with a scarf is a dressier option for this look, still with the emphasis on the red t-shirt.  It really brings a pop of pizzazz to the look, balancing the red, white, blue theme.  Ya’ll, I told you that frugal fashion and beauty on a budget are my focus with updates and tweaks.  I actually bought this scarf from Dollar Tree, ha!  Yes, I spent a whole dollar on it.  It is just for color and fashion and doesn’t have to be super-duper high quality for this casual look.

OMG!  I am having a fit!  I found this scarf on Amazon for another option!  It comes in several color combinations and HAS JEWELRY ATTACHED TO IT!  I cannot resist that, I just bought two of these and will feature them in a future post, love the look.

//Jeweled Scarf//

For a middle-of-the-road dressy casual look, just the scarf by itself also looks good and balances the color theme.  This would be great for an evening cookout, poolside event or visit to the 4th of July parade – I would wear it to a Braves game, Go Braves!

Wear Red with White – Red, White, Blue

White is a nice fresh backdrop when you wear red.  My favorite white jeans are the Mid-Rise Super Skinny style from Old Navy.  These jeans have plenty of stretch and are comfortable. I did go up one size to have a smooth look, but probably could have stayed with my actual size.   These jeans do relax after wearing them for a few hours.  I rolled up the cuffs one roll for a dressier look with sandals.  More skin showing above the ankle makes your legs look longer and leaner for a nicely balanced appearance.

Red Lifestride Sandals with Square Heel, Over 50 Fashion Sandals

Be Confident, Wear Red Shoes – Red, White, Blue

Wearing red sandals gives the outfit balance with the top, and also brings out the red in the necklace and bracelet.   I have had the red sandals for a couple of years, they are “Rayana” by Life Stride with light support.  I found similar styles for you on Amazon:

//Red Sandal #1//    //Red Sandal #2//

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  1. Kathy 🇨🇦 Reply

    Such a simple outfit, but still looks very casual classy. I especially love the scarf with it, it really brightens your face. You can never go wrong with adding a scarf, I can be home hanging out with a tshirt and jeans, hubby says lets go here or wherever, I run and throw on a scarf…lol…ready to go! Have a great weekend!

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Absolutely! I want to encourage women our age to know that updates and being stylish doesn’t mean spending a lot of money or being “dressed up”. It is about being put together and still feeling comfortable and presentable. Did you click through to see the “blingy” scarves that I mentioned in this post? I am so excited for these to arrive! Scarves with jewelry attached thrills me to no end, ha!

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