Learn How to Layer T-shirts – Day #3 Red, White, Blue

Our neighborhood was scheduled to be repaved last week, but then it rained, and rained, and rained……. like many parts of the country right now.  We kept receiving notices for the new date, then that changed, and changed, and changed…. you get the picture.    The final notice said that work crews would begin tomorrow and to park your cars at our amenities area where they would shuttle you around by golf cart.  Well, they started today without notice!  So, I am kind of trapped while they let it cure and then apply another coat in a few hours, they said they would be finished maybe by 6:00 p.m., we will see.  No problem, I have plenty to do inside with no appointments.  Big T gets home around 2:30, so he will probably be chauffeured home by golf cart.   Peachtree City is a golf cart community where we have miles and miles of golf cart paths throughout the city.  It is nice because it cuts down traffic.

Welcome to Day #3 of my week showing how to wear red, white and blue in different ways.  All of the outfits are worn with the same jewelry and shoes to show how those pieces work with every outfit.  A close-up of the jewelry is included in this post.  If you missed Day #1, you can start with that previous post here.  The post for Day #2 is here.  

Layer T-shirts for Summer – Red, White, Blue

This is another grab I made at the huge Fall sale at Belk.  This deep cut tank top honestly has no manufacturer tag inside, just a care tag, sorry for that.  It is too deeply cut for me to wear by itself, nor will I do the sport bra thing under it.  Another option would be a slim fitting white tank top, but I really like it over this plain white t-shirt to give it some color and style.  V-neck t-shirts are more flattering than round neck because they show a bit more skin and give that taller, leaner appearance.  This one is from Old Navy, love the quality, price and assortment of colors they offer.

50 With Flair, Layered Summer T-shirt, Cropped Jeans, Red White Blue

The tank is made from a thin crepe-type fabric with a thin cotton knit lining, the front is longer than the back.  It is an apron look when worn as it is, but I have styled it with the front knotted up for a more stylish look below.  I wear it knotted up since it is a bit too long on me and makes my legs look shorter.  50 With Flair, Layered Summer T-shirt, Cropped Jeans, Red White Blue Jewelry

I thought you all might like a close-up look at the jewelry. I especially like the gold strand in the necklace that dresses up the red, white and blue.  Knotting up the tank for extra style makes it more proportioned to my height.  The red, white and blue tassel necklace actually came attached to a red t-shirt (Melissa Page brand from Stein Mart) that is coming up in one of the next posts in this series, so I just snipped it off to wear with other things.  The elastic bracelet is from Avon and is just red, white and blue plastic beads.50 With Flair, Layered Summer T-shirt, Cropped Jeans, Red White Blue

Layer T-shirts for Summer, with a Knot

Front tuck is a flattering trend, but when that doesn’t always work, a tie-up knot is also a fun style accent.  It can be knotted in the front or on the side depending on the fabric and the look you are going for.  If you don’t like the look of the little tail hanging down, you can also bundle up the fabric with a rubber band and poof it around to hid the band.  Whenever you want to take the bulk out of a top, try the front tuck or a knot and see what you get.

50 With Flair, Layered Summer T-shirt, Cropped Jeans, Red White Blue

My dark wash jeans are from Ann Taylor Loft, they are the Curvy Kick Crop style.  I bought these a couple of years ago, so the styles and names have changed.  Their site shows crop or skinny crop, hard to tell much difference.

50 With Flair, Layered Summer T-shirt, Cropped Jeans, Red White Blue

Layer T-shirts for Summer – Red Shoes with Red, White, Blue

I chose to pop out the red with my red sandals to balance the top being a plain neutral white, which also brings out the red in the tassel necklace.   I have had the red sandals for a couple of years, they are “Rayana” by Life Stride with light support.  I found similar styles for you on Amazon:

 //Red Sandal #1//    //Red Sandal #2//

50 With Flair, Layered Summer T-shirt, Cropped Jeans, Red White Blue 50 With Flair, Layered Summer T-shirt, Cropped Jeans, Red White Blue

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  1. Kathy 🇨🇦 Reply

    Great post today, I’ve done that in the fall, lets me wear my favorite sleeveless tops longer by wearing a tee or even a 3/4 length sleeve under my tops, works great for sleeveless dresses too! 😉 ….I like the knotted idea, I never think to do that!

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Good idea, layering a sleeveless dress! I am working on a post with a side ruched top, another variation of the knot and tuck. A small detail that changes the look.

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Glad you enjoyed my post! I read your post on skincare, so glad that you are starting at a young age, it will pay off when you get to where I am now, ha! As you know, good skin is essential to a good make-up look, not just covering things up. I see that you are in the U.K., I hope to visit some day, I was born there. Thanks for following 😀

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