Welcome to Day #2 of my week  showing how to wear red, white and blue in different ways.  All of the outfits are worn with the same jewelry and shoes to show how those pieces work with every outfit.  If you missed Day #1, you can start with that previous post here which is Bohemian style, fun!  Day #1 had a lot of color, so for Day #2 I went the other way with a calm white top with red, white and blue printed pants.
50 With Flair, Printed Capri Pants, Patriotic Red White Blue Printed capri pants can be a bit tricky, but many variations will work.  Again, it is balance and proportion with the printed capri pants.  The taller you are allows you to wear larger print and a wider more flowy leg.  Since I am shorter at 5′ 1″, it is more flattering for me to wear a tighter, repeated print with a slimmer leg.  These printed capri pants are womens regular sizing, so the capri length is more of a cropped pant length on me, ha!  I do not mind since the length covers the broken veins on my “need-some-sunless-tanning- lotion” legs, LOL.    The last sunless tanner I used was Jergens Natural Glow Firming Moisturizer for fair to medium skin.  That’s right, a gradual tan with FIRMING moisturizer, yes!  The smell is pleasant and it doesn’t make me look “rusty”, found it for you on Amazon, it is a 2-Pack:  //Jergens Sunless Tanner// 50 With Flair, Printed Capri Pants, Patriotic Red White Blue

Printed Capri Pants – White Top with Red, White Blue Print

The poly-blend textured sleeveless white top is Jules & Leopold brand from Stein Mart.  The back hem is actually longer than the front with a slightly rounded edge which is a nice detail to prevent the top from hugging too tightly in that area.  And, the top has a modest peek-a-boo opening that makes it dressier for evening—-ignore the big white “X” on my back that I got when planting my gardens, another job for the sunless tanning lotion, ha!   I found a similar white top option on Amazon that comes in all sizes and many other colors here:

//Jergens Sunless Tanner//    //White Top//

The printed capri pants are by New Dimensions which is a Belk brand.  I hit their huge sale back in the Fall and these were about $4.00, wow!  I went in there looking for a plain white dress shirt and came out with so much more, including the shirt that will be a future featured post.  These pants are a mid-weight stretchy poly-blend with no pockets, no zipper, and a smooth wide elastic waist.  Smooth with no details like this is essential to avoid a bulky puffy look that can make you look heavier.  I found a very similar option for you on Amazon in Regular and Plus Sizing:

//Regular Printed Capri Pants//   //Plus Size Printed Capri Pants//50 With Flair, Printed Capri Pants, Patriotic Red White Blue

Printed Red, White, Blue Capri Pants with Red Shoes

I chose to pop out the red with my red sandals to balance the top being a plain neutral white, which also brings out the red in the tassel necklace.   I have had the red sandals for a couple of years, they are “Rayana” by Life Stride with light support.  I found similar styles for you on Amazon:

 //Red Sandal #1//    //Red Sandal #2//

50 With Flair, Printed Capri Pants, Patriotic Red White Blue

If you missed my post on wearing sleeveless outfits, you can find it here entitled “Arm Yourself – You Can Wear Sleeveless“.  The red, white and blue tassel necklace actually came attached to a red t-shirt that is coming up in one of the next posts in this series, so I just snipped it off to wear with other things.  The elastic bracelet is from Avon and is just red, white and blue plastic beads.

50 With Flair, Printed Capri Pants, Patriotic Red White Blue

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  1. Kathy 🇨🇦 Reply

    Very nice! I had to chuckle today, because I have the same pants but in a different color…mine are navy background with white and green, I love them! Actually chuckled twice, I use the same self tanner too , recently bought the same brand but it’s a mousse and gives you instant results, I like it too! Have a great day! 😊

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hahaha! Too funny, maybe we are long lost twins! I need to buy more of the tanner, I just don’t lay out anymore, it is mostly incidental sun now. Growing up on the beautiful Florida beach presents itself now though, spots here and there that never were before. The tanner really helps. Talk soon, Kathy.

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