*(I am not offering medical advice with this post.  I am simply sharing the true results that I have experienced from using these products on a daily basis.  Your results may vary, for which I am not responsible)*

As we age, most of us will have to change our skincare routine for desired results.  When it comes to skincare, I use a combination of brands that are affordable yet effective.  After forty years, I just tried a few things from Clinique again, and LOVE it...... wow, did I just say 40 years?  Yup, it has been that long since I first tried Clinique, when I was 18.  Now you know my age, ha!  Back then, my skin was oily with breakouts so I tried the Clinique  basic skincare set and foundation for oily skin.  Back then, the skincare set was too harsh for me, the moisturizer was too rich and the foundation was like water, just too sheer.  But now, the product has been perfected and the few things I tried work for me.  I wanted to try a new full-coverage foundation and also needed an eye shadow primer, and this little bonus sample kit just happened to be the gift with that purchase.  

50 With Flair, Clinique Skincare Set Bonus Gift

Clinique continually has some type of bonus with purchase.  This one was offered around the end of April.  All of their products are now oil-free yet still offer different levels of moisture.  Did you know that Clinique is/was an Estee' Lauder company?  She launched the company in August, 1968.  Clinique premiered as the world’s first allergy tested, dermatologist-driven line at Saks Fifth Avenue ; Estee' herself introduced the signature white lab coat that the counter reps still wear today.  I recently read about this online, a little piece of history.

50 With Flair, Clinique Skincare Set Plus Serums

This is the combination of products that I use every day - I try my best to keep it simple.  My skin is now combination/dry in winter and combination/oily t-zone in the warmer weather.  These products work year-round for me.  I now have to use richer moisturizing products, but if I use anything with mineral oil or a low-end foundation, I will still have breakouts, so I am careful when reading the ingredients.  More about make-up in a future post.

50 With Flair, Clinique Skincare Set

At night, using a very warm washcloth, I wash off my eye make-up with the Clinique Take the Day Off Eye & Lip make-up remover.  Then I wash my entire face with the Foaming Facial Soap, working it off with the warm washcloth, then splash with a final rinse of warm water.   I have stopped using toners because they leave my skin tight and dryer.  The remover is available on Amazon:   

// Take The Day Off Remover //

// Foaming Facial Soap //

50 With Flair, Skincare Serums, Vitamin C and Peptide Serum

Just before I turned 40, I started using serums, which I feel are essential for good quality skin as we age.  The Ordinary is a peptide serum that I use at nighttime right after washing my face and just before my nighttime moisturizer.  It also contains hyaluronic acid.  Peptides eat away the dead skin cells and hyaluronic acid plumps the skin.  Do not be afraid by the word acid, It does not burn, plus hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring element in the spongy layer of our skin that diminishes with age.  I am a big fan of both ingredients, especially the hyaluronic which also calms redness in the skin instantly.  The Ordinary serum is available here on Amazon at a good price point.  For daytime, I use Vitamin C Serum by Eve Hansen right after cleansing with a small amount of my foaming cleanser, then top it off with my daytime moisturizer which I describe below.  Vitamin C  Serum protects the skin from from the sun's UVA and UVB rays.  Since it is an antioxidant,  it naturally helps strengthen the skin and wards off possible damaging elements.  Some Vitamin C serums can be oily/watery but I like this one because it is in a non-oily creamy base that also contains hyaluronic acid.   The Vitamin C Serum is available here on Amazon at a good price point.

//The Ordinary, nighttime serum//

//Vitamin C Serum, daytime//

50 With Flair, Over 30, 40, 50 Skincare Moisturizers

For daytime, I top off my routine with Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturzing Lotion and Calily Life Eye Gel then apply my make-up.  For nighttime, I top off the cleansing routine with Calily Life Chamomile Face & Eye Cream plus the Eye Gel for maximum moisture while sleeping.  I found the Calily Life products while searching for hyaluronic eye gel products on Amazon.  I have used them for several months and really love the results.  They contain some organic extracts and minerals from the Dead Sea, and a little bit goes a long way.  You can read more about the products I use, plus two other formulas through these shopping links:

// Calily Life Eye Gel //

// Calily Life Face & Eye Cream //

Here are two more formulas I have also tried, for your consideration:  

 // Calily Life Chamomile Face Cream//

//Calily Life Eye Cream//

50 With Flair, Castor Oil for Better Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Castor Oil is a very old "cure all" type oil.  I have recently noticed that my eyebrows have become very thin.  I did a lot of reading and it all said that castor oil brushed onto the eyebrows while sleeping will help them regenerate with new growth.  Sure enough!  They are coming back, very slowly, and maybe not completely,  but I am sticking with it.  I actually mix a small amount of olive oil in with the castor oil to thin it out since it is a very thick oil, kind of the consistency of honey.  I massage it into my eyebrows at bedtime and then brush it through with an eyebrow brush and wash it off in the morning.  I bought mine, you guessed it, on Amazon!  Here is the shopping link:

//Castor Oil//

Did you enjoy this post about easy skincare tips for more youthful skin?

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