I guess you could say that today was “Beauty Day”.  I just got back from my 5-week haircut with Nicole, and before that I had an appointment with a local skin care center to laser off a dime-size dark sun spot that surfaced a few years ago.  My dermatologist said that it was just an “age spot” and nothing to worry about, but I could have it burned off if it continued to bother me.  After constantly covering it with concealer, it was time to get rid of that cyclops near my collar bone.  I have a follow-up in four weeks to give it a final zap if it has not all gone away by then.  I will post a before and after picture at that time with a “Beauty” post.  It only took three zaps that felt like pin pricks and was a bit warm, did not really hurt but it did put off a burnt smell.  Okay, probably TMI, off to the “OOTD” (Outfit of the Day)!

I am already thinking about Spring and Summer vacation outfits.  The “t-shirt dress” is especially on trend this Spring.  It is very versatile and comfortable, and can be worn with wedges, heels, sandals or even canvas sneakers.  My legs are not yet tan for summer and also have some veins behind the knee that I need to have taken care of soon.  I wanted to show how you can wear white leggings with the dress to dress it up and also cover up if you aren’t yet ready for full leg exposure.  These leggings are by Elietian, I just bought them at a local boutique named “Diva Darlings“.  They are a thick, non-pilling comfortable rayon/spandex/nylon blend. 

I recently bought this fresh light blue and white stripe dress on sale at T. J. Maxx.  It is a soft poly/cotton blend for easy wash and wear.  The brand is “Sail to Sable”, a beachy resort brand that I have also seen at Belk.  It is a good length, not too short but above the knee.  The extra surprise detail on the dress is the pretty gold zipper down the back.  Neutral tan sandals work well with the cool look.  You can read more about this wedge sandal in my previous post here.  Over 50 Fashion, Blue Stripe T-Shirt Dress with gold jewelry, Versona glitter sandals, tan wedge sandals, white leggings, resort vacation fashionAnother footwear option is a flat sandal with plenty of sparkle to play off of the jewelry and the gold zipper down the back of the dress.  I just had to have these “bling-y” ones from Versona.  I normally cannot wear flat shoes, but these sandals have a padded insole with extra cushion under the ball of the foot.  The glitter has multiple colors and the gold has a slight rose tint, so they can be worn with anything to give it an extra pop of personality when you want to have “twinkle toes”!50 With Flair, Glitter Sandals from Versona50 With Flair, Pearl Jewelry Set, Bracelet and Drop EarringsI mixed this classic stretch pearl bracelet from Avon and drop dangle faux pearl earrings (Kim Rogers brand from Belk) with the gold necklace to play off of the white stripes in the dress.  You can never go wrong with pearls! Okay, put your shades on, here are my untanned legs!  Bare legs gives the dress a more casual look for pool side and extra hot days.  This is with the wedges……..and here is a view with the bling-y sandals.

Let’s get some comments below!  Have you already planned your Summer vacation?  Do you pack light or over-pack?  Do you have special places that you go to over and over each year?  I would love to hear about some of your favorite places – I am terrified to fly, but I force myself to go — Honey gives me a hard time, he has worked for Delta Air Lines for over 30 years now! LOL.

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  1. Kathleen Wildermuth Reply

    Cruising out of Boston on Holland America to Bangor, Nova Scotia, thru the St Lawrence Seaway to Montreal! Nova Scotia has been on my bucket list for 12 years. This will give me a taste but I’m sure I’ll want to go back. I can’t wait!! I pack light as over the years I find I don’t wear have the stuff i take so i stay simple now.
    Over and over again, we go to Ormond Beach just north of Daytona. We love it there. Beautiful wide beach and quiet. Lots of good restaurants to choose from in Ormond, Daytona, and Port Orange. Also, close enough for a day trip up to St. Augustine which is a real treat for eating, shopping, and sight-seeing!

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Oh, Kathleen! That sounds wonderful! Tim said that is a cruise that is close to the coast, I could do that. Your itinerary looks fabulous. I am trying to be a better traveler, I love new places when I get there, the flying is the thing that gets to me. I do have a “little pill” just for flying that takes the edge off, but nothing woozy. We have seen downtown Boston, but I would go again to see more. We went on a week long Caravan motor coach tour last year to Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, and more. It was awesome and they have a tour to New England also that looks great. I didn’t know what a “bus” tour would be like, but it was top-notch, a mix of ages, great tour guide, etc. We stayed on the go, so many places and a few extras he worked in.
      We also pack very light, one small bag each. I take minimal mix and match outfit pieces and accessories, basic bottoms to wear twice, all soft things that can be packed tightly.
      I grew up in Naples, Florida, gorgeous beaches that can’t be beat! I would visit St. Augustine again, as you say there is quite a bit there, love the historic area and the lighthouse, etc.
      Thank you for sharing, can’t wait to hear about your trip! Please save my pins on Pinterest, that really helps more Flair Seekers find me!

  2. Cathy Cleland Reply

    We are doing a family vacation in July to North Daytona Beach Florida. We leave 2 days after I return from my mission trip to Lugoj, Romania for 21 days. I love eastern Europe and return every year but my husband hasn’t agreed to leave the U.S. so a stateside vacation is planned. I pack light! Everything for my trip, be it 10 days or more, fits in my carry-on ! I use packing cubes and my toiletries fit in the quart size TSA approved bag. The key is multiple tops for minimal bottoms. I carry one pair of shoes in addition to the pair I wear. This fall we are thinking of taking a trip up to the New England area. But it’s in the pre planning phase only.

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hey, Cathy! So proud of you and your mission work, how rewarding that must be, and I am sure they appreciate you so much. Our packing style sounds about the same, I usually have enough stuff, and if not, I can go shopping! You and Kathleen both mentioned Daytona and New England, I am now getting the itch for that New England Caravan tour, I don’t have to wait for “leaf season” to see the color, I can do that right here in Georgia. Maybe we will do it this summer, we have started going on an August trip each year since our birthdays are both in August.
      Thank you for sharing and for following my blogging adventure! Please save my pins on Pinterest, that really helps more Flair Seekers find me!

  3. Kathy 🇨🇦 Reply

    Hi Lori Jo, just came across your blog today, looking forward to following you! I can tell already that I will enjoy reading your posts, our styles are so similar!

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hey, Kathy! So glad that you found me! Please tell me where you saw my blog, I am very new to the blogging world (2 weeks!) and like to know where it is showing up so I can reach out further to find my audience. The over 40 & 50 crowd has a lot in common and it is nice to interact with each other. Glad to know that our styles are similar and that you enjoy the writing and sharing. My goal is to connect with ladies who want fashion and beauty updates as we age gracefully with looking and feeling as good as we possibly can.
      Thank you for following along, you can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Please save my pins on Pinterest, that really helps more Flair Seekers find me!

  4. Peggy Clark Reply

    I just found your blog also. Love your style, and anxious to read mote. Im doing a cruise up the New England coast in Sept. No pack exactly what I need no extra stuff to carry.

    • Lori Jo Reply

      So glad you found me! Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already – Please let me know where you saw my blog link, I like to know where my audience originates. Your trip sounds exciting, I would love to see that area also. I post something new Monday-Friday with a “Flair Share” post on Sunday, just a personal little chit chat. Watch for something colorful for tomorrow!

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