Happy Sunday, everyone!   And, Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms!

I am thrilled to be a mother and adore my two daughters who are 27 and 25 now, love you Lindsay and Sara!  My Sara was actually born on Mother’s Day on May 9, 1993.

“50 With Flair” is designed to be a positive, informative, fun place to be!  I will not drag on about negative things, but did want to share a bit about today being Mother’s Day, which has always been a mixed bag for me, as it may be for others.  This day, of course, brings my own mother to mind.  She has been gone for two years now and has actually been on my mind a lot lately. She always did vow to come back and haunt me, LOL!  I can laugh about it all in hindsight now…….

Yes, my mother had issues, she suffered from mental illness her entire life which was untreated and progressed through her 84 years.  She was a mix of 90% hateful and 10% hilarious and brilliant!  So, I choose to hang onto that 10%, the humorous unique things about her, and push away all of the other things.  After all, she was my mother — her positive attributes, parental teachings, and even the negative, shaped who I am.  It took many years, but I forgave her in my heart and enjoyed her in her final days, and I honor her today on Mother’s Day.

Her name was “Velma”, she would say “I am “V” for Victory!” — She embraced who she was!

Have a great Sunday, see you on the blog!

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