Today was a productive day.  I was able to adjust the settings on my camera for better pictures and shot 10 outfits, whew!  Now I have enough images to write daily posts past next week.  I put all of the clothing and equipment away and cleaned up just before Honey got home around 3:00 p.m., then we went out for early primary voting in our area.  Tim leaves for work at 4:30 a.m., gets home around 3:00 p.m., then heads off to bed between 8:00-9:00 p.m. with me close behind.  We have always been on an early schedule like this due to his job.  I usually start fixing dinner right after lunch, but my new blogging schedule will modify that since I am having so much fun with my Flair Seekers.  I will post Monday through Friday, take Saturday off, then have a short Flair Share post on Sundays.

Over 40 Fashion, Over 50 Fashion, Red floral wrap blouse with khaki capris and cheetah print shoes

The Wrap Top is a classic style that is always around in one form or another.  I found this red floral top at a local vintage store about a year ago.  It is a double layered thin knit that is wrapped across and sewn into the side seam, the tie is stitched into the same seam, so there is no real wrapping and adjusting.  I tied it for this picture, sometimes I just let it hang down for a different look.  This style is very flattering on most body types and is slimming to the waistline.  Here is an option for you at Amazon, I may have to get the polka dot one, I have been looking for dots.   Sara wants this one, also from Amazon here.    Here is a HUGE assortment of prints and colors also from Amazon, I will be shopping these!

Over 40 Fashion, Over 50 Fashion, Red floral wrap blouse with khaki capris and cheetah print shoesFlorals are something that I have just started experimenting with.  I usually wear solid tops with printed pants, but have found that mid-sized muted florals in similar tones like this work well for me.  Now, who doesn’t need a few cheetah accessories?  I have a belt, scarf and two pairs of shoes.  The shoes work well with the printed top because the khaki capris are a neutral buffer balancing the look, the pattern in the shoe plays off of the dark parts in the printed wrap top.   You can read about cheetah print shoes with options in my previous post here, this post also has similar options for the black tassel necklace.

Over 40 Fashion, Over 50 Fashion, Red floral wrap blouse with khaki capris and cheetah print shoesKhakis are an essential basic for you wardrobe, lots of versatility.  It is good to have a capri style such as these, and also a pair of khaki pants that can be worn all year round.  I found some good options on Amazon for you, these are by Dockers and have smooth styling with stretch in the fabric.  This pair by Rekucci is all stretch and pull-on with no zipper.

Over 40 Fashion, Over 50 Fashion, Red floral wrap blouse with khaki capris and black gladiator wedges

Adding a black cardigan and black gladiator wedge sandals is a nice option for evening or a dressy-casual event.  You can find  options for these two additional pieces in my previous post here.

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