Sharing this because it makes me laugh.  Big T (my hubby) and I were  recently zooming around town in my 5-year-old Kia Sorrento SUV, the “Black Beauty”.  I named it this because I only get a new car every 10-15 years and want to keep it nice, so I park way far away from other cars in parking lots. I call that the “No Ding Zone”, my family calls it crazy, ha!  Anyway, I was doing the driving to give Big T a break since he commutes to work every day.  He likes to tell me how to drive and I tell him to “just sit there and hush”, that is just how it goes.  He is also always worried that I am going to bump his rider mower when I pull into the garage since it is right in front of where I park. This time when I pulled in, he says, “stay in your seat, turn the car off, don’t get out”….. I am thinking, what the heck??… He runs around to open my door, reaches down and starts pumping a handle on the seat that I never knew existed — it was just like the beauty shop chair, I ended up about 6-inches higher in the seat which is great when you are 5-feet plus one-inch!  A new world opened up, I was riding high and could see everything, I squealed!  Big T then says, “now you can see over the hood”.
So, I am officially a grownup now, and it feels good!

One of the old rules of style is to never wear horizontal stripes, they make you look wide, right?  The fact here is that it is the type of stripe that matters.  Thin stripes tend to work for every shape and size.  It is the bolder stripes that you have to be careful with.  I like this t-shirt knit black and white top for it’s fresh, neat look.  It feels classic and French to me.  It can be worn with any color of pants or jeans.  And see how the cheetah print shoes work with it?  Break out of the “matchy-matchy” rut, an accent piece like the shoes really works. With a little practice, you will learn how to mix prints like this.

Surprise!!  There are some extra details in the back:  faux suede elbow pads, scalloped hemline and peek-a-boo trimmed in bows, a fun piece out of my comfort zone!  I wear a skin tone cami under it for modesty.  The top is from Versona.  I am awaiting approval to become an affiliate with Versona so I can provide links for all of you to shop online, many of you have told me this store is not near your area.  The black pants are by Ellen Tracy. They are a washable non-pilling polyester fabric with a narrow leg and a slit accent on the ankle, side zipper and all smooth on front and back.  I bought these on clearance from Stein Mart a few years ago.  Amazon has the Ellen Tracy side zip pants here!  Good quality black pants that fit well are essential to your wardrobe, I will pay a bit more for ones that will last forever.  I have had mine for so long I can’t remember when I got them.

I have had the Franco Sarto cheetah shoes for a few years now, they were on sale at DSW.  If you look closely, you can see that they have fur on them, I don’t know what kind of fur, but they feel like petting a chihuahua. Here is a similar option at Amazon.

The simple black tassel necklace, gold drop earrings, and memory wire bracelet are just enough since the top and shoes add the details.  Similar bracelet will be available in my Etsy shop soon, Designs by Lori Jo.  Similar black tassel necklace option is here at Amazon.  Similar gold drop earrings here at Amazon.  Below is a cheetah loafer shoe option, Cloudsteppers by Clarks. They are made from wide printed elastic.  They have removable cushion support insoles, so comfortable.  I have had these for a while, they were on sale at Ross. Here is a similar option by Aerosole that is comfortable from Amazon.  

Below is another shoe option with a matte gold wedge .  Black or tan would work as well.  Even a bright red shoe would add a surprise of color. Your shoes can be the accent piece with a classic, tailored outfit.

I have had the shoes for a while, they are by Naturalizer.  Similar options from Naturalizer are here and here at Amazon.

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  1. Rosemary O'Koren Reply

    I, too, just found the lever that raises my car seat up. It’s great, I can see now !!!!!

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hahaha! And all these years straining to see. It also makes it more comfortable with the pedals and I can see over my shoulder, small miracles!

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