Happy Sunday!

On the first page of my May content calendar, I noticed a quote that I felt was very timely for my first Flair Share that ties in so well with the theme of my blog:  “Find out who you are and do it on purpose!” Dolly Parton  — I just love that, you can always count on Dolly for her wisdom and positive spirit.  It really connects with me as I begin this blogging adventure and as we all find our flair.  (Visit my About page to find out more about me if you missed it.)

This was a very big week for me as I launched 50 With Flair to the world this past Tuesday, May 1, 2018!

After a lot of research, reading and learning how to build a blog, I felt that it was time to go live.  I am very grateful that you have chosen to follow my blog by subscribing to my daily e-mail and I look forward to posting an Outfit of the Day each day (or as they say in the blogging world OOTD, I’m getting cool with the lingo, ha!).  I hope the blog will provide fashion inspiration for you to find your flair, tweak your style or go for a full-out reinvention just like I have done.  I am still a “baby blogger” but will strive to get better every day, you can hold me to that.  Weekly and monthly, I will also post beauty and lifestyle inspiration that will be useful and informative.  For this coming week, I will post my Cinco de Mayo outfit and a few casual-with-a-pop outfits that I wore recently.

Tim and I spent today getting organized for the week ahead after visiting with his mom this morning at her assisted living home.  Afterward, we went to Home Depot to pick up seeds and a few other things to start my kitchen gardens, I am excited!  We are finally past the frost period here in Georgia and I am ready to get outside more.  My Honey built two 4’x4′ raised bed gardens for me three years ago, they are right off of our back patio.  One little garden will be all herbs and the other one will be peppers, onions and radishes.  Two big wooden pots will have tomatoes and cucumbers.  I will post pictures as the gardens grow.  I like to have fresh things to cook with so I really enjoy tending to them and picking what I need with extra to share.  Honey added extra sealer to the outer wood frames and is going to put up extra fencing for me since there are a few stray cats that “visit” my gardens at night.

Any thoughts or comments?  Let me know in the comment section below!

I  hope you enjoy the rest of today and have a good week, see you on the blog!


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