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What is “Rosemont” and What am I Reading?

I discovered the “Rosemont” book series by a free download of the first book; my Amazon books newsletter listed the free book and it sounded like something I would enjoy, which ended up being very true!  I then started following the author on Facebook, her name is Barbara Hinske.

Barbara Hinske, “Rosemont” Author

About Barbara Hinske

Barbara writes a series of books that have the feel of Downton Abbey mixed with The Mitford series by Jan Karon, at least that is the best way I can describe it.  I have read four of the books in her series plus a holiday book named “The Christmas Club” that is delightful and heartwarming, and soon to be a Hallmark movie!  I highly recommend her writing.  Barbara’s books are terrific and she also promotes and discusses other authors and their books.  Her Facebook page is a very nice group of women with positive discussions.

//The Mitford Series (Amazon)//
//The Mitford Series (Barnes & Noble)//

Looking for an Easy Book Club?

Also consider joining her Rosemont Book Club  on Facebook where we read books from many different authors – there is no pressure and it is a very comfortable group with diverse, discreet reading tastes.   Barbara’s assistant posts five book choices once per month that we all vote on.  We are then given 4-5 weeks to read the majority-chosen book, then discuss the book the next week through posted discussion questions, one or two questions per day; all optional, of course.

More About Barbara and her Books

You can learn more about Barbara and her writings on her website here.  Barbara’s books, along with a reading sample, are available through Amazon and Barnes & Nobel here:   //Amazon//     //Barnes & Nobel//

Paper, Kindle Fire or Nook?

I do still like to hold a paper book, but cannot deny the practicality of a digital reader or tablet.  Most of the time, I read my books on my Kindle Fire.  It is a handy light way to carry several books with you while traveling, plus you can download new books on the fly.  I also use mine like a mini laptop since it can go online.  I use a case that has a removable blue tooth keyboard.  At the time of this post, the Kindle Fire is on sale here at Amazon.  The keyboard case I use is here, also at Amazon.  If you are shopping for a digital reader, you will want to compare the Kindle with the Nook that is sold through Barnes & Nobel.

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