So, here I sit at my laptop, nervous as all heck, getting ready to launch this thing out into the world!

Today is May 1, 2018 and that means launch day for “50 With Flair”, my blog that is part of my reinvention.  I am passionate about it and my hope is that it will connect with you in a friendly and helpful way.  It is fashion and beauty inspiration as well as content about things I enjoy and that I want to share, but the number one thing is that it is about YOU.  I want this to be a safe and fun place for those who are seeking good and helpful ideas and information.  Maybe you found me because you are ready for some style and fashion inspiration and just don’t know where to start or how to put things together.  “50 With Flair” is here for you and my goal is to post outfits and other things that you look forward to every day for its variety and useful content and suggestions  –  a positive and safe “go to” place where you never leave empty handed, where you have a friend who cares, and where you feel better after a quick visit — we are all in this “life” thing together, so let’s enjoy it together — Let’s find your Flair!

From here forward, “Flair Share” is my weekly Saturday/Sunday post where I will share positive reflection on the week and also share some of my life with you, kind of like journaling or a let-your-hair-down section.  I hope you enjoy it and feel comfortable enough to share with me too.

I look forward to your kinship and support!

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