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I really enjoy the variety of reading we have done so far with the Rosemont Book Club.  “Before We Were Yours” is written by Lisa Wingate, a new author for me.  The book is fiction based on true events that are an unfortunate part of our country’s history.  I am enjoying learning about the history in the story, even though it is sad, as well as the style of the author’s writing and how she brings the characters together and builds the story behind each one.

You can read a complete description of the book and purchase various formats of the book here at Amazon.

Most of the time, I read my books on my Kindle Fire.  It is a handy light way to carry several books with you while traveling, plus you can download new books on the fly.  I also use mine like a mini laptop since it can go online.  I use a case that has a removable blue tooth keyboard.  At the time of this post, the Kindle Fire is on sale here at Amazon.  The keyboard case I use is here, also at Amazon.

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  1. The book club I’m in also read Before We Were Yours and I found the true story behind the fiction fascinating. In looking up information to share with my book club, I found that in a past issue of Fayette Woman, there was an article about a woman who lives right here in Peachtree City who was one of the children from the Tennessee Children’s Home Society orphanage (https://fayettewoman.com/legacy-devy-bruch-life-stolen-baby.html). What a horrific thing Ms Tann did, and yet early on she had a positive impact on reducing the stigma of adoption. You have to wonder if she always had bad intentions or if there was a point at which her good intentions turned south. The book certainly made for great discussion in our book club. I hope it did for yours as well!

    • Lori Jo Reply

      Hi, Kim – Wow, that is really something, cannot imagine. I remember my dad telling me how this used to happen, awful. My online book club has just started discussing the book today, and I am behind, yikes! Getting this new blog set up got me a bit sidetracked, but I can catch up with them tomorrow or Wednesday, I have about 150 pages to go. I will look into the article that you referenced, I am now thinking that someone else has told me about this local woman. Thank you so much for sharing and visiting my new adventure here, please share my blog with your friends. Talk soon 🙂

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