Updating Your Lip Color

Since we want to age gracefully, good skin care, make-up and color is a big part of looking our best.  Wearing lip color that is too bright, too dark, or too glittery can be aging and affect the entire look of your make-up.  A soft , fresh and finished look is what we are going for here.  I have switched to a shear formula of colors that I like and that feel good, and that are a softer version of tones that compliment my skin tone and wardrobe colors.  I no longer wear a lip liner since that can make lips look thinner, so I had to choose a brand that would not bleed.

My daughter Sara gave me a set of Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers  from Amazon for Christmas this past year, they are the perfect fit for what I was looking for with my lip color update.  Plus, they are 100% natural ingredients.

What to Look for in Lip Color

Burt's Bees Moisturizing Lip Shimmers are my #1 pick for creamy moisture and long-wearing color that does not bleed.  You can apply them full color or as shear as you like, or even use a darker one with a lighter top coat for a custom look.  They keep my lips soft and the formula has a hint of mint which is refreshing, plus just a slight shimmer that is not too sparkly.  Each color is in a slim stick that makes them easy to carry in a small clutch or pocket.  I actually carry three different ones in my bigger purse so I always have color on the go.

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